In order to bring a different approach to agricultural fairs Turkey's first open field agricultural fair the Field Days exhibition held between 27-30 May in Karaevli, Tekirdag – Turkey. The aim is to create a technical and commercial platform to share the production techniques that each farmer has applied in his own business, as well as the new products produced by national and international companies at their R&D stations with farmers and industry professionals.

Accordingly, the application of pesticides, seed fertilizer and live demonstration of  mechanization and tractors on the field  gives opportunity to Turkish farmers to practise personally and  realize these new products in their own enterprises.

DLG Fuarcilik added a show for special crop  to its unique shows. Launch of Potato Days Turkey held in 22-24 August 2019 in Karaomerler, Konya.

Currently DLG Fuarcilik organizes 3 exhibitions in Turkey;

International Field Days, organizes biannually in different regions of Turkey,

Tarım ve Teknoloji Gunleri, annual Exhibition which organizes at Karaevli, Tekirdag.

Potato Days Turkey, from 2020 will be organize every two year.