DLG - ÖÇP Tarım ve Teknoloji Günleri  aims to be a meeting point for those farmers that doesn't buy the machinery and equipment they need, without trying them.


At our fair with the priority of being the first and only open air exhibition in Turkey in the agriculture machinery and equipment sector, you will find the last trends and technologies and you have the opportunity to see the demonstrations of different machinery and equpment like tractors, combine harvesters, silage format machines, combined sowing machines, tillage equipment, drills, fertilizing and spraying machines, irrigation equipment on our triel fields.

The experts will answer to your questions like;

Which machinery to buy for your own business?

What kind of equipment and which capacity?

The opportunities awaiting our visitors;


Taking information about domestic and foreign new products and technologies,


Watching the demonstrations of machineries and technologic products on our trial fields and machinery demonstration areas,


Sharing knowledge and experience with the domestic and foreign companies and their experts,



Attending to the seminars to have information, where experts and academics participate as speakers and talk about the last innovations in agriculture,


Seeing alive the equipment they need in their business and compare them with other firms for to choose the right one.