DLG - ÖÇP Tarım ve Teknoloji Günleri open air exhibition

23 - 26 August 2017

Karaevli, Tekirdağ / Turkey

Exhibition Regulations and Contract

DLG-ÖÇP Tarım ve Teknoloji Günleri 2017 Participation Rules  

Table of Contents:  
1. Place and time, opening hours of  DLG-ÖÇP Tarım ve Teknoloji Günleri  and changes,
2. Required conditions for being a participant  
3. Register  
4. Application  
5. Acceptance and confirmation of application  
6. Stand selection  
7. Price and payment
8. Stand types, equipment  
9. Installation and removal of stands
10. Arrival at fairground, participation and departure  
11. Protection of land sites  
12. Services  
13. Electricity, water and flagpole  
14. Unfair competition, ad, film and photograph shooting   
15. Customer advertisements
16. Food and product sales
17. Participant entry cards
18. Security  
19. Hygiene  
20. Parking right of participants  
21. Security rules, installation approvals, protection against accidents  
22. Points outside responsibility, insurance and complaints  
23. Rights of DLG

You can download the agreement in here..